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First decade of Higoal: Rapidly growing (1995-2005)
  Higoal FRP (i.e. the Dongguan Yigao Glassfiber Products Factory) was established near the Jingao Tower(a historical site) in Wanjiang Disctrict in May 18th, 1995. Due to the protection of historical interest policy, Higoal plant now become a cultural relics exhibition hall. Because of this, Higoal birthplace was preserved. At the beginning, Higoal mainly produced OEM fiberglass products, such as home accessories, decorative materials, table and chair for canteen and so on.
In 1996, Higoal started FRP skylight panel production, with annual output of around 11,000 meters. At the end of the year, Higoal relocated to Qishi Village(i.e. the address of Zhongling Clothing Factory latter). Because of urban renewal, that old plant is no longer existing now.

In early 1997, Higoal FRP published the first brochure. The brochure shows FRP skylight panel had become the pillar products of Higoal. In 1998, the annual yield had reached 76,500 meters, and at the same time, Higoal issued the first 10-year warranty for FRP skylight panel.

In 1999, Higoal started FRP grating production, at that time Higoal can only produce the size of 1000x1500mm, and largely-scale exported FRP flowerpots, artworks, machinery covers and so on, with an annual export volume of nearly 500,000USD.

From 1999 to early 2001, PC and PVC came onto the skylight panel market, because of the gorgeous appearance, and low cost, which was a huge impact to FRP skylight panel. This great change in market made many peers worried about the FRP prospect and changed to PC & PVC production to meet the needs of market. While with professional knowledge on FRP material, also the organic plastic material, Higoal withstood great pressure. Finally, till the end of 2000, the disadvantages of weathering resistance had been awared. (We do not deny the well performance of PC & PVC in other application.)

Higoal gave up the huge market opportunity of PC & PVC at that time, but maintained Higoal brand image of responsibility and reliability.

In 2001, Higoal decided to use the technologically advanced FRP machinery production line for panel, therefore the skylight panel production quality was greatly improved. In May, Higoal successfully produced filmed skylight panel in machinery line. From the following brochure( version. 2000), we can see that Higoal spared no effort to popularize the knowledge on FRP material, and attached great importance to the product quality.
During 2003 to 2004, Higoal FRP skylight panel was in large-scale production, at the same time, FRP grating had gradually been produced and exported in large scale. The brochure of the time shows that FRP skylight panel and grating had become the main products of Higoal, and also FRP winding pipe for cable and storage tanks had been launched.
Second Decade of Higoal: constantly developing (2005-2015)

In 2005, after ten years of struggle, Higoal finally built its own industrial plant of 21980sqm, in Daojiao Town, Dongguan, with total investment 23million RMB, and transferred main production line into this plant. From then on, Higoal stepped to the second constantly-developing decade. At the end of 2004, Higoal published 04-05 version FRP skylight panel brochure, with printing volume of 30,000 copies. In that brochure, the design, installation and construction of FRP skylighting panel were systematically introduced, which contributed to the FRP recognition in light-weight steel construction industry.

After 3-year developing, Higoal new generation of enhanced skylight panel finally came into the market in June, 2006. Its strength, anti-aging performance greatly exceeded the similar products in international market. By this, Higoal brought China FRP sheet forming technology to the front of world industry. At the same time, Higoal had become a larger manufacturer and exporter of FRP grating in Southeast China.
In 2007, Higoal developed FRP from single product- skylight panel, to FRP anti-corrosion roofing tile, FRP gutter, FRP purlin and other anti-corrosion building material series, totally providing the whole solution for industrial building on corrosion.
In 2009, Higoal Light Cube skylight panel came into the world, with excellent lighting effect, and mechanical performance, and extending service life.
In 2013, Higoal gel-coating panel had been successful developed.

In 2015, FRP gel-coating panel solve the problem of fiberglass exposure, which is the fruit of 20-year experience on FRP panel production. Higoal believes it is the revolutionary progress on FRP panel, and representing the mainstream of FRP panel.0

Now, Higoal has been steadily stepping to the third decade!
At present, there are more than 50 countries and regions using Higoal FRP all around the world.