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Add(Factory):No.1, Chuangye Road 5th, Daluosha Industrial District, Daojiao Town,Dongguan City,Guangdong,China

Add(Sales Center): F1503, Kingdom Plaza Center, Dongcheng Middle Road, Dongguan, Guangdong, China





Established in Dongguan City in May 1995, Higoal FRP is a technology enterprise in composite application field, dedicated to manufacturing, developing and marketing high-quality fiberglass products. With an area of over 22,000sqm, Higoal self-owned plant is located in Daluosha, Daojiao Town, Dongguan. HIGOAL is not merely a manufacturer on FRP products, but also a total-solution provider of anti-corrosion in industrial building.  

Benefiting from over two decades of production experience, HIGOAL engineers are qualified to provide designer and contractor with total solution, and also assist investors to make preliminary planning and feasibility analysis of each project development. From design, installation, to construction stage, HIGOAL is comprehensive in consideration, and mature in technology.

HIGOAL FRP anti-corrosive building material including FRP skylight panel, FRP corrugated roof panel, FRP purlin, FRP large-width flat panel, FRP heavy-load-bearing grating, high-strength FRP protruded profiles etc.
The enterprise spirit " To Make Constant Progress" has become the motivation of HIGOAL's development.

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