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FRP Purlin

In recent years, the most valuable innovation in HIGOAL is FRP purlin. As a technological enterprise in composite application industry, HIGOAL has been regarded technologically innovation as the ability to solve the problems in material application, and industrialization of technological products as the cornerstone of its development. HIGOAL is praised as “A Chinese manufacturer with European technology” by a foreign engineer in this field.
Characters of FRP Purlin

1. The axial strength of FRP purlin material reaches 290Mpa, same as which of steel.
2. FRP purlin has excellent performance in strength, anti-corrosion, and aging retardant. In the aspect of cost efficiency, it is irreplaceable by any other material.
3. FRP purlin returns to the original state, after 10-hour constant loading of 620kg. With its excellent spring-back performance, FRP purlin has been preferred as the building material in terms of earthquake and typhoon resistance.


Specification and Technical Data of FRP Purlin
HIGOAL has experiments carefully and repeatedly on the following data, while which is not as the specific guarantee for the Purlin application. Its application should be subject to the engineer requirement and actual ambient.

HIGOAL FRP Pulin Patent number: ZL201120047412.2

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