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FRP Gutter

Higoal gutter is made of FRP material, which is anti-aging, wind-proof, and anti-acid, with life span reaching 30 years, mainly used in roofing cullis, and water collection gutter.

Higoal FRP Gutter Advantages:

1. Excellent anti-aging performance:
FRP material has excellent performance in international market , which is widely recognized in industrial field.
2. Cost-saving and reliable installation:
Compared with stainless steel or any other materials, FRP water collection gutter has advantage in cost performance. Conventional stainless steel gutter is produced in folded-plate processing, limited in length, and connected by welding on site, which always excessively depends on the proficiency of technicians, and is expensive and of difficulty in installation. Higoal FRP water collection gutter is continuously formed, which allow any length and less joints quantity. FRP gutter is one of Higoal's patent, which offers a solution of convenience, waterproof, and cost saving in construction.
3. Chemical resistance is better than other non-organic material.
4. Light weight, and high strength:
FRP material is 1/4 density of steel, the weight of finished FRP gutter is only 3.6-6kg/m2, with good flexibility and strength.

FRP Gutter Options:


FRP Gutter Loading Test
Test conditions:
1. Flange support: square tube 50x50mm, supporting span of 6 meters.
2. Gutter length: 4.9 meters, in size of 300h x 250w x 300h mm, thickness of 3mm.
3. Fasten gutter flange and gutter with screws, in each distance of 500mm.
The picture was took in stationary state, without impacting. It is only for reference for engineer, not the guarantee on heavy loading of FRP gutter.

Gutter Test

FRP Gutter Installation
The fittings are comprised of end cover, junction plate, downpipe connector, bending and limiting plate. All fittings are assembled under strict quality control in our factory, with high integration level and reliable leak proof design.

Color: medium gray, and creamy color. The color of large quantity order can be made as per the RAL specified by customers.